Kevin Peraza


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Everyone in Kevin Peraza’s family rides BMX. Well, except his mom. Kevin’s dad was a pioneer of BMX back in Sonora, Mexico, and he’s passed his passion on to Kevin and his three brothers. Papa Peraza’s influence also has a lot to do with Kevin’s rare hybrid ability to ride street, dirt, and ramp extremely well. In fact, Kevin managed to win an X Games gold medal in dirt in 2016, follow it up with a gold in park in 2017, and he rounded out 2018 by competing in X Games street-only video part competition, Real BMX. While Kevin’s able to ride everything, his style is all his own: a combination of wild box jump tricks, tweaked 360 variations, technical nose manuals, superman seat grabs, front flips— truly a mixed bag of tricks with the ever-present Peraza smile. His riding style and skill are only matched by his infectious and gracious attitude. Kevin Peraza is a real-life Vans BMX action figure, and that’s the reason why he has a BMX signature collection.